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Ip6 and kidney stones – a natural antioxidant to the rescue

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kidney stones

Phytic acid is a storage material for phosphorus compounds in the tissues of many plants. It is one of the natural substances (NSN) found in plant foods. The vitamin-like substance ip6 enters the human body, usually with food, but several drugs are characterized by high biological activity and are quickly absorbed, starting to work effectively in the human body. Phytic acid ip6 has a positive effect on the general condition of a person, including phytic acid ip6 has shown itself positively in kidney disease.

The effect of phytic acid on the body

The opinion about phytic acid is very ambiguous and this is because ip6 can bind minerals, making them unavailable for absorption by the body. Is it that bad? This feature of ip6 is a real salvation for urolithiasis. Therefore, the answer to the question can ip6 help with kidney stones is obvious. Yes, ip6 inositol has been scientifically proven to be effective for kidney stones.

In addition, phytic acid:

1. Fights cholesterol.

2. Positively affects the protective functions of the body (from cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and diabetes).

3. Can play a role similar to that of vitamins and non-protein elements necessary for the function of certain enzymes in the body.

4. Men may also benefit from its ability to promote cellular health in the prostate.

5. May relieve some mild symptoms associated with certain types of anemia, such as weakness or fatigue.

But back to urolithiasis.

Ip6 And Disease Prevention

When diagnosed with urolithiasis, people most often encounter oxalate stones. Since stones are formed from minerals, it is only natural that phytic acid helps to stop this pathological process. Taking ip6 can reduce the concentration of minerals in food calcium oxalate kidney stones.

But it should be understood that in addition to taking ip6, it is necessary to fulfill other doctor’s prescriptions, as well as follow a diet, and daily routine, lead a mobile lifestyle and drink plenty of water.


Phytic acid is found in sufficient amounts in corn, fiber-rich whole grains, and legumes such as beans and sesame seeds. Antioxidants aim to fight free radicals, which are activated oxygen molecules that can harm cells. Because IP6 is found in virtually every cell in the human body, its impact on how you feel is believed to be wide-ranging. You can learn more about ip6, presented in the form of a biological supplement, from our specialists.