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N-acetyl Glucosamine Leaky Gut – Keeping the Intruders Out

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N-acetyl Glucosamine Leaky Gut

Having a leaky gut can be a serious problem. You see, having a digestive system that allows troublesome agents such as undigested food, toxins, bacteria, and other waste products to make the transition from your digestive tract to your bloodstream can predispose you to all manner of illnesses ranging from immune reactions to inflammations. We are talking about the likes of celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome), and the likes. But one may ask, what does this has to do with n-acetyl glucosamine gut health application? Let’s find out, shall we?

Heal Leaky Gut L-glutamine N-acetyl-d-Glucosamine – How Does it Work?

Here’s the thing; although enzymes and digestive acids are a paramount part of your digestive system, they can injure it seriously when exposed to the sensitive underlying lining. That’s where the layer of digestive mucus comes into play. This special coating of mucus protects the vulnerable lining of your gut against the potentially injurious concoction of stomach acids and enzymes. And like the good ol’ aloe vera that we have become accustomed to NAG, also known as N-acetyl glucosamine encourages the healthy and balanced production of this mucus lining. Hence the idea of heal leaky gut l-glutamine n-acetyl-d-glucosamine therapy.

N-acetyl Glucosamine Gut Health – What’s the Connection?

NAG is typically a naturally-occuring compound that is synthesized in the body. However, a good chunk of the population can barely produce it without external help, a problem that seems to worsen as one gets older. Fortunately, n-acetyl glucosamine is also found in a majority of supplements made for joint health support. In other words, in addition to shielding your joints from progressive wear and tear, glucosamine supplements can also lend a hand to preventing or improving the symptoms of the inflammation caused by IBS (inflammatory bowel syndrom), Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and the likes. 

What’s more, NAG is also thought to play a role in the growth and proliferation of bifidobacteria, which is a type of gut-protecting microbes which goes a long way in keeping the barrier between your digestive tract and the bloodstream impermeable to unwanted agents. And that, folks, is the connection between N-acetyl Glucosamine and gut health.